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Now Hiring Sales Professionals!
(Account Managers to Sales Director)

We are looking for sales professionals who want to make a six-figure income working remotely. This sales professional will not be afraid to prospect and will know how to find leads, search for opportunities, get in the front door of prospects, and close deals.? We will provide some leads, but you’re required to find a new business on your own as well. Our expectations are high; your quota will grow and you will be compensated well with exponential residual monthly income for the life of the account and your employment with Spark Factory.

Our company is incredibly results orientated with high-income potential. You will be trained on our products and start selling within a week. We are hiring only experienced sales reps.

This role is good for:

Sales oriented people looking for a solid sales position, working remotely, making 6 figures.

OK, so what are we selling?

We’re glad you asked, Spark Factory’s #1 product is our AI platform which provides lead generation to over 50 industries worldwide.? We are also an award-winning digital agency offering websites, content marketing, social media management & advertising, Google Shopping & Ads, SEO, and a turn-key restaurant mobile ordering platform.? We provide the tools and experience necessary to help businesses survive and thrive in the new COVID marketplace.


  1. You MUST be a citizen of the USA.? Vets Welcome!
  2. You?MUST have a high-speed internet connection, a reliable PC or MAC,?(a cell phone will not work).
  3. You must have a good working knowledge of computers, using CRM software, setting reminders, and easily adapt to the software.
  4. Be comfortable in video chat for meetings (which will happen daily).
  5. Close your own business (we’ll help)
  6. 3 yrs in sales.

How to apply

DO NOT CALL or EMAIL US! We are extremely busy.

Sales Application Form

Next, make us a quick video on your phone and upload. Below is a script.

Introduce yourself, tell us your who you are, your experience, your hobbies, and why we should hire you?